I created this project with Abhi Soni with the Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech in order to solve the problem of parents having no idea when school busses would actually come to pick their children up and drop them off day to day. A group before us conducted interviews and research, and they created the original high-fidelity wireframes of the app. Abhi and I met with the principal of a local school and a bus transportation coordinator to make sure the app design was ideal. We tested some wireframes with parents and also rode on a bus route to three local schools to get the full experience of riding a school bus and to learn why delays happen from the driver's point of view.

We created the app with React Native, which uses JavaScript to create native apps for both IOS and Android. I implemented the styling of the app and the menu bar, as well as the entire map page. This involved adding Google Maps to our project and using an API Key. I also created the messaging page, that for the sake of the first version, mimics what a chat would look like. Abhi created the settings menus and made sure that the settings data was correctly used on each screen of the app. Privacy was a definite concern, so we decided that if the app is further developed, users would have to authenticate themselves with a student's school ID.