In the summer of 2019, I interned at Zuora in their Atlanta office as a Software Engineer in the UI team, doing full stack work as well. Zuora is the leading subscription company that helps their clients to shift from selling a product to selling a subscription service. Top companies like HBO, Sage, and CAT use Zuora to manage their subscriptions. More information on Zuora is available here.

My work mainly focused on a product that was available to add on to the base Zuora product, called eCommerce. The product helps Zuora clients to make their own websites for customers to login to and manage their subscriptions. My projects focused on improving the look and feel of the client portal, which was where clients could specify what they wanted their customer site to look like. I also implemented a new feature that made it much easier to specify wording on the site in various languages. Through my projects I gained experience with:

Aside from the technical knowledge I accumulated, I also learned how to use git in a work setting, communicate professionally about technical issues, and how navigate getting help through resources like Stack Overflow vs asking for help from another employee. Each project that I was assigned was completed, and I gave a presentation at the end of the summer that was met with appreciation from many employees. During the summer I also discovered various UI bugs, some of which were capable of preventing the application from running correctly, and fixed them.